Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wednesday Whizzy

After a slightly later start than intended (crap nights sleep) I chugged down some sort of super-smoothie and laced up my sneaks. I'd already mapped out an 8k route by the river, round Chorlton Water Park and back. I started out thinking, 'hmm, maybe I could just do 6k and work up to 8', but I kept going and started to actually enjoy it! Woo! My reward was spotting some little mystery fledglings, goldfinches and a heron! One of my personal favourites. I didn't want to stop running in case I crumpled to the ground, so no photos, but here are some snaps of things I've been working on. I'm excited to go to the studio tomorrow as my light tent and lights have arrived, fingers crossed for mega professional photos!

Monsieur Le Fox in printy progress
Monsieur Le Fox bibs
Printing up little robots

It's a...FROG!
Froggy bibs

Printing bunnies

Fox posters, freshly printed!


Nicola Rowlands said...

Hey nice to see you got involved in the green monster!!! Did you like it? x

Nell said...

Yeah, it was a lot nicer than some of the green concoctions I've made myself before! Will freeze my bananas in the future though :) x