Thursday, 13 June 2013

Pelting Rain and Pecha Kucha

An easy exercise day today. These legs gotta rest. Didn't actually feel that easy when I was cycling to work in the pouring rain, sweating in my waterproofs, backpack stuffed to the gills.

I worked on a secret project today, will post pics when the time is right. Did a few commissions and played with my new photography set up. Had a bit of a stupid day actually, I always write things down in my diary, then forget to check it, frustrating my plans.

I skipped yoga again this week, in favour of going to Pecha Kucha at Manchester Art Gallery. My friend organised this free event and it was great! Really interesting, diverse range of speakers, covering topics from birdwatching to microbiology. There are 4 more planned to come, the next one is in around 3 months, I urge you to go if you can!

Planning on Pilates in the morning for the first time in ages, my muscles are crying out for a good stretch! Oh sacroiliac joint, why you hurt me so? :'(

Banana omelette thingy, inspired by Nicola Rowlands. Totally delicious breakfast!

Personalised organic cotton t-shirt, you can order here if you like 'em!

Pecha Kucha at Manchester Art Gallery

Long tailed tit! One of my faves.

Dave Carden singing his presentation!

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