Saturday, 8 June 2013

Saturday Sunshine

This morning I cycled to work in the glorious sunshine. Cycling from Chorlton isn't really a challenge as it's fairly flat. The problem is the traffic when you hit town. Busy busy!

New Vans to compliment Gino.

I printed up a couple of custom baby bibs and posted out an owl print commission.

Soya ink Risograph print on recycled card. Yum!
Oh, did I mention I personalise baby wear?!

I thought I'd put down some of my goals for the month, as writing them down in public might help me to achieve them!

Firstly, join my local running club, The Chorlton Runners. A combination of natural shyness and laziness has prevented me from going before now. I will conquer my fear tomorrow!

Secondly, do a Park Run. See above paragraph for excuses. Add to that working a lot of Saturdays means that it hasn't been easy to get to. Until next week when I will be taking part, no matter what! It's at 9 a.m at Platt Fields Park, so I should just have enough time to complete the run and cycle to work if needs be. I've just registered, so there's no turning back now!

My work-related goal is to have good photographs of my main products to start a website revamp by the end of the month. I made a start on this yesterday.

So now they are here in black and white, feel free to berate me if I fail!


Anonymous said...

Splendid goals! I'm impressed to see you've ticked one off already (I'm far too much of a wuss to club run). Can't wait to see the photos of new stuff - I'm already earmarking stuff for my friend's baby when it arrives...

Nell said...

Aw thanks! Really enjoyed run club once I got over my initial nerves, there's lots of different abilities so I didn't feel too out of my league. Already thinking up some new goals to set myself :)