Saturday, 29 June 2013

Penultimate Post Provides a parkrun PB!

Hello! This morning I dithered around before pulling myself together and cycling down to Platt Fields Park for my second South Manchester parkrun. The weather was perfect, overcast and quite cool. I shed my waterproof jacket (lesson learned) and joined the crowd. There were pacers this week, ranging from 20 minutes to 30. I decided to stick with the 27 minute pacer as my last 5k was 27:54 and I felt I should have improved in the last couple of weeks. It was a pretty good run, I felt better for knowing the route, not being too hot and being able to focus on keeping up with someone, rather than thinking about my legs. I picked up the pace a bit at the end and started to feel sick, so a bit of a mixed run! The results came in and I managed a PB of 27:05, hooray! It's the last day of Juneathon tomorrow, so I'll write a bit more about how I've found it then. The Tour de France started today, so I'm off to see how that's going. Bye!

Quack. These guys thought I had some bread for them in my bag. Sorry dudes.


JogBlog said...

Well done! That's the second Juneathoner PB I've seen so far today.

Nell said...

Thank you! One last push! :D

Anonymous said...

Youll be leaving me for dust!