Thursday, 14 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Moroccan terrace
Originally uploaded by little nell smith
Ok, this post is somewhat late, I was away over New Year with my family, soaking up a little North African sun in Marrakech. We stayed in a gorgeous riad and relaxed to the max! It was a welcome change from the frozen wastes of the UK and it's been difficult to get motivated with things being so quiet at the studio since my return.
But I feel my energy returning and I've been working on some slightly more sophisticated and complex designs, mainly with Valentine's Day in mind. I'll put some pictures up closer to the time, don't want to sicken you all too early in the year!
Aside from that I have a few exciting plans in the pipeline and resolutions a-plenty! I want adventures in 2010! How about you? Kiss kiss, boom boom xxx