Sunday, 19 July 2009

Where's Summer, B?

Wowzer, I can't believe it's halfway through July already...well, more than halfway, yikes! And I haven't written a post all this time! I've been busy as always, so busy working and playing that I seem to have developed quite the eye twitch! I blame too much time staring at the computer, so had planned a splendid day of gardening and household errands. Alas, the weather here in Manchester is absolutely appalling! So I'm waiting patiently for a break in the rain to whiz out on my bike for provisions.
Last weekend I went down to London town to attend a training day at the V&A for the Design For Life project, it was super-inspiring and brilliant to meet some more experienced designers and educators. I felt a little sheepish that people seem to manage to do so much more than me, juggling design projects with teaching and personal art endeavours. So I hereby decree that next year I will definitely apply for a residency somewhere so that I can put some of my less commercial ideas into practice.
Other than that my customised baby T Shirts and bibs are proving popular, you can purchase them here on my Folksy site for UK buyers, and here on Etsy for you worldwide lovelies!
I took these product pics when the sun was shining! Ah, remember those days?! Hope you kids are enjoying a splendid Summer x