Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Work in Progress Wednesday

Yesterday I did a large scale dotwork drawing on the window of the Craft Centre, which was very enjoyable, and a bit of a learning curve! I drew an heptagon measuring about half a metre across using 0.7 mm Posca markers. This was my first error. I've never drawn on glass before and using a nib so narrow made the ink kind of slide around, and of course it took a VERY long time to build up enough colour to make an impact. I wish I had drawn a larger shape, as it gets a bit lost in the window, and next time I would use fatter pens. I've got lots of ideas for my next window, so I'm really glad I've made a start on large scale work outside of the studio. I felt pretty nervous before I started, then I popped my headphones in and all was well. My arm really hurts today.

Vinyl stickers for the window.

Poscas in the pouch, plus makeshift measuring devices (i.e string)

Tiny, tiny dots.


 Pretty much impossible to get a decent picture from the outside, but I like the layers of shapes behind my drawing.