Monday, 28 September 2009

Let there be light!

The new studio is finished, and looking bloomin' lovely if I do say so! Jane and I worked our socks off, trawling second hand shops for furniture to tart up. I developed a brand new muscle from sanding, cleaning and painting, but it was all worth while as it looks exactly how we imagined, fresh and cosy. We both agree that more people are coming in and looking at our work - more than 6 people at a time would not have been possible in either of our old cupboards/studios! Here are a few shots of the work in progress:

Thank god for the orbital sander!

Amazing cocktail cabinet for 20 quid, including lemon squeezers, whoop! (totally impractical, of course)

Finished! Although we will no doubt be making some changes as time goes on, for the moment we're really pleased with how it looks. To celebrate, we will be having a little party on Saturday 7th of November, so be sure to pop along for a nosy, there's bound to be a drink in it for you! Of course, you may also be able to get all your Christmas shopping done in one fell swoop, how good would that be?! ;)

Aside from all this excitement, Jane and I exhibited some work on the Craft Centre's stand at The Buy Art Fair, Urbis and we both sold some pieces, so are both happy girls. I start my workshops for Bolton Museum on Friday, looking forward to the Entomology guy bringing his insects in for the kids to draw, even if they aren't!!
Adios amigos xx

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Back to School!

What what what?! Did I really not blog for the whole of August? How remiss of me! Well fear ye not, I'm back and ready to knuckle down! I was out and about having fun a-plenty. I've been to The Big Chill in Hereford, the Lake District and North Devon for a spot of camping and surfing. Phew! Pretty pooped now, I can tell you. But! no rest for the wicked, I have exciting plans! The beautiful and talented Jane Blease and I are going into cahoots, and will be moving into a bigger studio in our beloved Craft and Design Centre asap! Stay tooned for more info, we're bound to have a shindig to celebrate the opening, and you're invited, baby!

We're in the middle of a HUGE thunderstorm here in Manchester, so a nice pic of some sunny times is needed! xx