Sunday, 9 June 2013

Chorlton Runners

First ever club run! I flipping did it you guys! I got up early and had a smoothie and lots of water. Cycled down to the waterpark car park and waited around nervously. A group of super-fit guys came running in, so I commenced lurking. Then a nice lady came over (Nicole?) and introduced herself. I was in! Then my pal Paul arrived and I started to feel better. There was quite a big, mixed group of folk, we did a gentle warm up and a mile trot round the lake. Then the group split, I went for the short run round Sale waterpark, about 5 miles I think. So a pretty good distance, more than I would have done on my own and a lot more enjoyable, chatting to new people. I'm going again on Tuesday night and am pretty tempted by track Fridays! Good to try something new eh?

My sister recommended Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsley, really enjoying reading it so far. I just read on Twitter that there's a Mexican street food van around today, so think I'll go grab a quesadilla and sit in the park reading. Happy Sunday!

You can just make out a swan with cygnets in the background.

Thank god Gino was still waiting for me when I came back. He doesn't usually live outside, too precious!

Really lovely, friendly group of people!

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