Friday, 7 June 2013

Athletics and Androids

Hi there. 5k jog this morning, felt good, looked at my phone and it was exactly the same time as the other day when my legs felt crap! Hmm, puzzling. 

Penguins getting papped.

Got the tram to work as a treat and started playing with my new lights, borrowing lovely Liz's light tent for ease, it's identical to mine so was a good bit of practice.

Froggy in the spotlight

Another reason for getting the tram was going to the preview night of Android, an exhibition at Piccadilly Place. Really enjoyed it, thought the work was excellent and a few of my friends have pieces in the show, so it was great to see them and have a catch up. It's brilliant to see spaces like this being used for exhibitions too. It's only on for a short time and there are some performances tomorrow afternoon, I urge you to go if you can! I'm at the Craft Centre again so won't be able to go. Right, I'm off to watch Springwatch and drink a cold beer, bye!



Groovy old signs

Casting great reflections in the summer sunshine!

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