Sunday, 16 June 2013

No Run Sunday

Ok, I didn't do any exercise today, unless you count wandering around the streets of Chorlton desperately seeking a decent all-day breakfast. I must sheepishly admit that I have just awoken from a hangover-induced slumber. I hope my Dad doesn't read this post! I went out in Liverpool to visit my pal Luke (available for all your illustration and animation needs, plug plug plug) and his lovely girlfriend and to finally go to the 10 Bands, 10 Minutes night! It was David Bowie night, so 10 bands played sets of around 10 minutes and played their own songs and did some Bowie covers too. So much fun! So much rum :(
I'm off to eat pasta and stretch. 12k planned tomorrow! Bye!

Absinthe bar. Fortunately it closed just when we decided we wanted one, probs would've puked!

Labyrinth-era Bowie. Yipes, those leggings!

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