Saturday, 1 June 2013

Juneathon No. 1!

 Good morning! Today is the 1st of June and thus the beggining of Juneathon. I saw it mentioned on Twitter and thought it seemed like a bit of fun (?!). Maybe I was still on a high after the Great Manchester 10k. Basically you do some form of exercise everyday in June and blog about it. I'm training for the Great North Run in September so it will hopefully spur me on for my first ever half marathon and also breathe a bit of life back into my poor old bloggy.

Beautiful day for it! I got up early and set out for my 5k route - walking 5 minutes from my flat to Longford Park. Not a cloud in the sky! I decided to run free and easy, with no headphones so I could enjoy the birdsong.

If only my legs were this long in real life. I headed up towards Streford to get onto the canal.

I didn't see my old pals/arch enemies the Canada geese this morning, so didn't have to fear ending up in the canal.
I always think this looks very British! Anyways, I popped off the canal onto Hawthorne Lane and through the ees then back home. An enjoyable 30 minute jog.

If you would like to sponsor me for the Great North Run, my Just Giving page is here. I'm raising money for Diabetes UK.

Off to Darlo today, as my Auntie and Uncle are visiting from Mexico! They only come over about once a decade, so I'm very excited.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous day for a run, Juneathon so far seems a lot more civilised than Janathon! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful day for a run! Enjoy the rest of Juneathon.