Friday, 14 June 2013

2 weeks in to Juneathon!

Did my 8k route slightly faster than Wednesday this morning, hurrah! Then I went to a much-needed Pilates class. My hip gives me quite a lot of pain, so it's becoming more important to keep limber with all the running I'm doing.
I go to a beginners/mixed ability class led by the very lovely Jo Murphy. Feel so much better after a good stretch!
Feel pretty proud of myself for getting 2 weeks into Juneathon - I've only missed one day of exercise! To be honest, keeping up with the blogging feels more challenging than getting out and doing something. Remembering to take photos, uploading them and finally thinking of something interesting to write! I always seem to think of lots of things when I'm out running, then they all escape my mind when I sit down to write. Hey ho. Anyway,this seems like a good juncture to remind anyone reading that I'm doing all this to help my training for the Great North Run and to put up the link to my JustGiving page! I'm raising money for Diabetes UK, a very worthy cause. Any amount is very much appreciated and will spur my little legs on!

This is where I go to Pilates class!

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