Monday, 10 June 2013

All de way to Alderley Edge

Feeling pretty frazzled after cycling at least 50 kilometres today, so will keep it short and let the pictures do the talking! Andrew and I rode to Alderley Edge via Coffee Fix in Gatley, which I'd been meaning to visit for ages! It was a great ride along some beautiful country lanes and up a few challenging climbs! Poor little legs, they did me proud today up Artists Lane. Didn't try to tackle Swiss Hill this time, the cobbly swine! We made a slight error coming back home which meant a detour and I was doing quite a bit of swearing and groaning I must admit. Hopefully will be able to walk tomorrow.

A fine flat white

To the Edge!

Carlo in buttercups

Not today my friend!

Rewarded with sunshine at the top.

Add a bitter shandy...mmm.

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