Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer time skive.

I was naughty this evening and skipped yoga class in favour of a walk down the river and glass of wine outside the pub with Andrew. But that doesn't mean no exercise! I cycled to and from the studio today, it's about 5 miles each way, so I don't feel too guilty! Stupidly forgot my camera and tripod, so couldn't do any photography experiments, what a dunder head. Ah well, maƱana.
As we were walking home, we both noticed lots of massive webs in the trees, at first I thought they had huge spiders in them, but they were actually full of tiny caterpillars, writhing around. Mmm, good old nature!


Peaceful times.

Late summer sun on the Mersey.

Lovely pink hawthorns.

Creepy crawlies!

Extreme close up. Shame you can't see the writhing action.

Gotta make the most of summer days while they're here I say!

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