Sunday, 30 June 2013

The end of Juneathon, but not the end of the road!

The last day of Juneathon! I've really enjoyed it, despite a slight wobble last week. But even in the wobbly times, there are things to be learnt. Setting goals, achieving them, then moving on to new ones. Realising that I can do it, that I am strong. Thank you legs! Joining the Chorlton Runners was the best decision, it has really helped me to run further than I've run before - 14 kilometres this morning to be precise! Juneathon may be over, but my training is not, I hope to keep up the motivation and positivity over the next few months until the big day arrives.

I just need to remember that when doubts and excuses rise up, the best thing to do is put your trainers on. And go for a run.

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Detox meuk said...

This is a short but sweet motivational post! Definitely agree that running/jogging relieves alot of stress!