Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Nearly Laming Out

I *almost* didn't run today. My plan was to run 8k before cycling to work, but when my alarm went off this morning that all felt like an impossible challenge. Instead, I cycled to work then berated myself for being so lame. I could easily have done it! My fear is that once I skip a few sessions, my whole training plan will slip and I'll lose all motivation to run.

Printed up some koalas to post to Jersey 

Just before leaving the Craft Centre the heavens opened and I groaned with despair. I had my waterproof jacket, but jeans aren't known for their wicking properties. I got soaked, properly soaked. When I got home I peeled off the sodden denim and tried not to think too much about how much I didn't want to go for a run. Trainers on, off I went, telling myself the hardest part was over (lies!)

Spot the jay!
 I tried to push myself to go a bit faster and ended up running my 8k route 7 minutes faster than last time. Hurrah! I feel pretty proud of myself, but not unbearably smug. Scranned down a delicious tea and am now in my pyjamas. No run planned tomorrow, thank the lord!

This is the sweaty face of victory!

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