Monday, 17 June 2013

Monkeying Around on Monday

Nearly forgot to blog today! Didn't go for my 12k run as my legs are still mega-achy. Not sure if it's from Saturday's run or inappropriate dancing to Salt n'Pepa. I dropped dangerously low, readers. Instead of a run I was lucky enough to win a little freebie via Twitter this morning and took myself off to St John's Primary school for a yoga for sport session. I'd seen it mentioned online somewhere, so was pretty chuffed to be able to try it out for free and give the old legs a good stretch! I enjoyed it, but my attempts at push-ups were pretty comedy.

Cheeky Monkey!
Other than that I have started editing some of the new product photos I've been taking, you can now buy my little Monkey organic cotton hats on Not on the High Street here! More updating to come...

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