Tuesday, 11 June 2013

New Kit Excitement!

This morning I cycled to the Nike outlet at Salford Quays to buy some new kit as a reward for sticking to my training plan. Running for an hour on Sunday in the heat with leggings on was a bit foolish, so I wanted to get some shorts and interim capri pants, plus a jacket that was reasonably waterproof without making my arms wither away from perspiration. I also got several pairs of socks, because you always need socks! A friendly assistant helped me find what I needed and I was pleased to get a lovely Stormfly jacket at a reasonable price. My eyes started to glaze over when he talked to me about trainers though, I wasn't mentally prepared to talk about trainers! 

I've just come back in from my first Tuesday night run club with Chorlton Runners, did about 4 miles at a quicker pace than I would usually, sweaty but a beautiful evening and met more nice people. Winner!

Salford Quays looking glorious in grey.

Imperial War Museum North

The Lowry

Old Trafford

Snazzy! Who likes short shorts?

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Mercy said...

Nice photos and always good to snoop on other peoples's shopping..:)