Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Darlo Days

Right, so I have missed a couple of days Juneathon blogging, but in my defence I've been away and still done exercise!  Had a lovely weekend in the North East.

Darlington has a proud railway history! Choo choo.

 Bridge over the River Skerne. One of the worst names for a river ever? Andrew makes everything look wonderful though.

A trip to Barnard Castle and obligatory photo of the silver swan! I recently read Peter Carey's The Chemistry of Tears, which made me see the automaton in a new light. The Appleby Fair is approaching, so we saw some amazingly mulleted youths racing through the streets. Unfortunately they were too fast for me to get a photo.

Half hour swim on Sunday morning at Bannatynes gym. Pretty luxurious compared to Chorlton Baths!

Playing with my Dad's collected of cameras, inherited from my Grandad, Victor.

 Tio Pedro! (note the bottle of tequila).


Yesterday my only exercise was a scoot round the shops, that counts right?! I bought a watch so I don't always have to take my phone out running with me, plus I faced my fears and bought some new jeans! Why is it so hard to buy jeans?? This morning I did a crap 25 minute jog, my legs felt quite stiff, not sure why. I have an 8k scheduled tomorrow, so fingers crossed I feel better! I've also signed up with Runkeeper, not sure what I'm doing with that though, will figure it out later...

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