Saturday, 10 May 2014

World Fair Trade Day

This seems like a timely post prompt for a spot of bigging up my business! World Fair Trade Day. I did a lot of research into ethical fashion while studying for my Masters in Textiles at MMU and as a result all of my baby wear is organic cotton and fair trade. I have a couple of suppliers that I use, Continental Clothing and Mantisworld, so you can check out their credentials! The thought of producing a lot of stuff that is destined for landfill does not sit easily with me, I think we should be careful in our choices and buy less, spend more on good quality items that will last, rather than buying up loads of things that have been made in terrible conditions by people earning a pittance. I know this is not always easy and I have been guilty in the past of shopping at Primark! Shame on me.

Anyway, I try in my own small way to be a Good Egg. As all my stuffs are hand printed in little batches, there is minimal environmental impact too. Winner!

 Printing Grumpy Bears in my studio in Manchester

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