Sunday, 11 May 2014

100 Happy Days!

Ok, so I've been doing this project for, surprisingly, the last 100 days. There's a site you can sign up to here: 100 Happy Days for more information. Basically, you choose something each day that has made you happy, take a photo and pop it online. People have asked me whether it's felt contrived, but do you know what? I've flipping loved it. Here are some hits:

My friends in London town. Miss you Luke Marsh.

 Got my braces off, it was a beautiful warm, sunny day and my mate The Bird drove me to an amazing garden centre, complete with tiny train track! Bought a bbq and it pissed it down every day since. Soz about that.

 Gorgeous day in the Lake District, met a new pal, Arne.

 Best Easter ever with family, my awesome sister Catherine and her lovely husband Simon. Love you guys.

Ella's birthday curry, laughing so hard I thought my belly would burst. Mega amounts of love for these berks.

It's been so nice, man! I've thought about things that will make me happy, made an effort to get out and about, make plans and be a generally joyous bastardo. Some days I've been spoilt for choice about what will make the cut, others have been slim pickings, but it's really made me think about what makes me happy, so thank you for: friends, family, being with people, drawing, dancing, music, living joyfully, celebrating, loving, laughing, running, being ridiculous, choices, gratitude. Pow. Do it. I've had a really nice reaction to this project, despite my fears that I'd do everyones nuts in with smugness. Ta dudes.

This is one of my favourite songs, ever. I can't get enough love.

Here is my genuinely happy face! Fanks Birdy! (just out of shot is my 'Happy' necklace that Cath sent me, because she's a babe) xxx

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