Saturday, 3 May 2014

Weekend Morning Routine

Saturday depends on whether I'm working in the shop at Manchester Craft and Design Centre. If I am, then it's up and out on my bike to the studio. If I'm not in the studio I may well be running a workshop somewhere, like Fred Aldous for the Ministry of Craft. I often run in the morning too, distance dependent on whether I'm training for something. Porridge or eggs and green smoothies will be on the menu.

Actually I'm not a huge fan of routines, but I also think they're good for me. I've got a strange brain sometimes, it's full of conflicting ideas. I try to meditate everyday, weekend or not. I use the Headspace app as I'm not very good at staying focused without guidance. I very rarely have a long lie in, it's no fun on your own! I also feel too guilt-ridden and as though I'm missing out on some fun times if I lounge about too much. I usually try to make plans to see friends and do something interesting like attend Sunday Assembly, go to a life drawing class, or a nice long bike ride in the country. In the evening I like to go to gigs, parties and suchlike. Fun times please. Last Saturday I went to an amazing event called Drawn to the Beat at Victoria Baths.

Basically, I believe that life isn't happening at home.

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