Friday, 2 May 2014

5 Favourite Posts

Here are my 5 favourite blog posts of days gone by! It's weird to think I've been blogging, fruitlessly, endlessly blogging, for 6 years on and off…It's been really nice looking back through my posts, seeing how far my work has come and the projects I've lucky enough to be involved with. Actually some of my favourites are of my old drawings, but they'll keep. I will for sure post up some more sketchbook excerpts in the future.

Zookeeper for a day. A classic from the Nell archives. Look at my chuffed little lemur-clutching face!

Desiderata I don't actually remember posting this, but it's really beautiful and seems timely to come across it at a time of confusion, heartache and anxiety. Thanks, past me.

New York Let me go back.

Childhood Dreams This is a nice, upbeat one!

Celebrity Endorsement of the past Remember that time I met the Patron Saint of the Craft Centre?

Cheating slightly by putting these drawings up too.

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