Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Passion Projects

The title of this post is Passion Projects - what do you love and would like to make money from. Well, I do love what I do and get a lot of satisfaction from working for myself and being able to be creative every day. That said, I am giving myself some time this Summer to work more on things that are completely non-commercial. I love all my little creatures and critters, but sometimes I think I would be quite happy never to print another lion bib ever again.

I have been working on some geometric drawings and while I'm not really sure at this point where I'm going with them, I've had a really nice reaction and feel excited to develop them over the coming months. A lot of the dot work drawings take several hours each to complete and I love that intensity of work, focusing my usually pretty scattered attention and really zoning in on them. I've been posting these up online and have been asked by a friend to design him a tattoo, so that's a promising start!

Dotwork octagon

Dotwork mandala

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