Monday, 5 May 2014

Cinco de Mayo

I have family in Mexico and am lucky enough to have visited for a couple of weeks back when I was a teenager. My Auntie moved there years ago and lives in Irapuato, Central Mexico. I absolutely loved it, I have a big extended family over there, which I adored as I come from quite a small family. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, we got along great despite the language barrier. We travelled around a bit and visited Mexico City as well as Cancun and the temples of Tulum. Many iguanas were spotted and much delicious food was consumed. I'd love to go back there, it's such a beautiful country. Much love to Tia Margaret and Tio Pedro!

Image from Beers and Beans

I just found a few photos I took while I was there, but frankly they are too crap for human consumption, so I've swiped this one of Tulum from elsewhere.

This is a 4 piece lino cut print I did at school, inspired by drawings I did while away. It's a 2 colour print, using reduction technique. It's about A3 in size. I had another version in a better, more juicy, colour way, but I can't find it! Such is the life of an obsessive maker and hoarder of STUFF.

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