Friday, 9 May 2014


Sometimes I find it very hard to get motivated. I'm quite disorganised and also suffer from bouts of anxiety and depression, which make it hard for me to get started on things. I have lots of ideas, get hyper-excited by projects and then start to worry that the end product will be rubbish. The best way for me to work is little and often, then my brain feels sustained and ideas will flow almost effortlessly. I need to let go of the idea of perfection in order to be happy. It's all progress, it's all just a game.

I'm not really motivated by money, I just want to make things. But I need money in order to buy materials to make those things and also to have a nice time, which I do enjoy. Basically, I've got it pretty easy, some might say too easy!

Collaborating is a great way to stay motivated, I recently completed a project with my friends Rachel (Lines Form Spaces) and Lindsey (Lindsey Vigurs Illustration). They started Draw A Letter a Day and I gegged in on it for the numbers. Thanks ladies, more of this in the future, please!

Draw a letter a day project. Number 0.

Think 2 was my fave.

Sketchbook experiments keep the ideas a-coming.

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