Thursday, 27 May 2010

Workshops and websites

Hullo hullo, last month I did a little screenprinting workshop with some students from the Manchester School of Architecture. It went really well, they all seemed to enjoy it and produced some fantastic work. The blog for their project is here, I must admit I'm a little late with this post, tsk tsk. The last few weeks seem to have drifted by, and whilst things are going in the right direction, I feel like I'm coasting along, rather than being a driving force. I'll cut myself some slack though - the weather has been beautiful and I've been grabbing every opportunity to get out on the bike. I've even been going to maintenance classes, coming second in the puncture repair race on Tuesday!

She's looking nice, no?

I've finally sorted my Big Cartel site, so you can now buy direct from me, without having to set up an account. It links from my website and I feel it's a lot more professional.
Today I'm going to get on top of my admin and do some more site updating, I need a better system! Has anyone got any tips for getting a good routine in place when you're self-employed? I'm still in my pyjamas! xx

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