Tuesday, 11 May 2010

All Tomorrow's Parties

Hello all, been a bit quiet on the internet front as I've been busy indulging another of my loves - live music. I just got back from the Matt Groening curated ATP at Butlins in Minehead. It was amazing, I had the best time! I've been to ATP a couple of times before, years ago, at Camber Sands, but this was the best one I've been to. We lucked out on our accommodation, which was really nice and near to all the action. I went with some great friends and we basically had a blast. I saw Iggy and the Stooges on the first night, with Mike Watt on bass (I love him so much!) and The xx twice, just awesome. I think the highlight for me was seeing Boredoms, a band that, on paper, I thought I would hate! (Japan's iconoclastic experimental music "unit" anyone?) but they blew my mind with a 9 drummer performance - I've never seen a drummer be carried in on a platform drumming through the crowd before, put it that way.

If you get the chance, go see them! They will change your life, I promise! Anyone got any musical recommendations?

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