Monday, 8 February 2010

Two Ducks Disco

Ahoy there, here is a wee post that I've been planning for an age - since last September actually, when I took my self off to Leeds town to see the brillax to the max Magnolia Electric Co.
I'm a big fan of gig posters and am usually first in line to snap 'em up. I was a little too slow this time though, and the groovy limited edition posters had sold out by the time a crazy man in shorts had stopped dancing. Aiee! However, all was not lost as I put my name on a mailing list...and ordered a poster from that nice Two Ducks Disco

For a mere £10 I received my poster smartly through the post along with a few other goodies, not least an awesome poster for the European Poster Expo 2007, that was held at our very own Urbis, Manchester. I cannot recommend highly enough! Go! Read blog! Buy posters! xx

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