Tuesday, 17 March 2009

up and down and round and round

Hello! Despite my good intentions to blog more often, I always leave it too long and end up forgetting all the splendid things I've see and done. Sorry about that.
On Sunday I got a call from lovely Kwong from Castlefield Gallery inviting me to be part of a focus group tomorrow night to assist in audience development planning. I am interested and excited, but also a little nervous - I have the fear that it may all be a bit highbrow for little old me. I just draw pretty things, gah! But I guess you always know more than you think you do, right?

The questions we're going to be discussing are:

1. What interests you about contemporary arts and culture in Greater Manchester and further afield?

2. Where do you experience/go for contemporary arts and culture in Greater Manchester?

3. How do you find out about contemporary arts and cultural?

Any thoughts?! xx

p.s, please can someone get me this outfit from Minimarket, I need it for dinner in New York on Saturday! But more on that at a later date, promise ;) xx

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