Monday, 30 March 2009

It's a helluva town

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What can I say? New York was amazing, amazing! I flew First Class, gobbled much food, drank my own body weight in fine wines, stayed at the swanky Soho Grand, shopped shopped shopped, went on a helicopter ride over Manhattan, had my mind blown by the collection at MoMA, walked through Central Park, goggled at the Guggenheim, drank cocktails at the Rainbow Rooms, chomped a cheeseburger at the Union Square coffee shop and generally lived it up. The only disappointment in the tale is that we saw no
celebs until we were dining before our flight home, when we witnessed the massive horse-like visage of Piers Morgan. Yeah, great. Still, a roaring success, felt like I was away for 2 weeks rather than 2 nights!

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Deb said...

wow! you did all that in two days and two nights! sounds like you had a great time lass. i am mega jealous. dx.