Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Travelling, travelling, wandering

What an amazing, whirlwind week it's been! I didn't quite make it through Blog Every Day in May, as I was called away at the last minute on Very Important Business to New York! Who could say no?
My Dad came to stay last Friday, my washing machine broke and flooded water all over the kitchen floor, I sang with She Choir on Saturday in the pouring rain at Envirolution Festival in Platt Fields Park, went to my friend Jane's wedding on Sunday, flew out to New York on Monday, came back on Friday, stood in my room for half an hour nearly going under trying to pack for a trip to Derbyshire, celebrated my sister's 10th wedding anniversary, came home on Sunday and slept.

So, I've failed at Juneathon already, but I'm going to try to bring it back this week. I feel pretty done in, so I'm having some low-key times, have stocked up with fruit and veg and am staying off the booze!

 Me with the beautiful bride.

New York I love you.

Little Italy with a delicious beer.

Walked over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan.

Back to Blighty.

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