Monday, 27 February 2012

Gone foragin'.

A couple of Sundays ago I went for a rustle in the undergrowth of Fletcher Moss Gardens with Andrew. I had booked us on Cracking Good Food's Late Winter Forage with Jesper Launder as a Valentine's treat. I am plus de romantique, nes pas!
It was a great experience, Jesper is so knowledgeable, I could listen to him all day! I would highly recommend going on one of the next sessions running, I felt really inspired. And got to gobble down delicious fresh mushrooms with scrambled eggs at the end!
I didn't think we'd find much, but we got a right haul, including Scarlet Elf Cup mushrooms, Velvet Shank mushrooms, wild garlic, sorrell, bitter cress and 3 cornered leek. (Disclaimer, I may not have remembered the names correctly!)

It was lovely to be out and about all day long, you'll definitely find me furtling in a hedgerow in the near future!

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