Friday, 17 June 2011


Yesterday I had an exciting time in the studio, making my entry for the QR-3D project, initiated by the wonderful Sally Fort. When I first read about it, I started racking (or is it 'wracking'??) my brain for ways to create a 3 dimensional screenprint. Then Sally herself suggested that something like my Fairisle Heart Cushion would be perfect for this project. Stupid Nelly! I had already done 3D prints!

So I excitedly created my QR code and got to stencil cutting. It took me nearly 2 hours to cut this as I was trying to be as precise as possible.

This is the finished print, post-puffing! It was a lot darker before I heat-fixed it. That's the thing about 3DP, it's hard to predict the colour outcome. All part of the fun! (Does anyone remember 'Fluff-its'? They were fabric paint pens that you dried with a hairdryer to create a puffy, 3D design. I loved them! Ah, nostalgia.) I was a bit worried that the code wouldn't work, as some of my stencil pieces moved about a little bit, but I tried it out with the scanner I downloaded for my phone and it does!! Joyous day.

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