Thursday, 5 May 2011

Zookeeper for a day!

Hullo there! A couple of weeks ago I trotted down to London town to be a zookeeper for the day at London Zoo! This amazing experience came courtesy of Papa Smith, who got me it as a surprise for my 30th birthday. Total winner.
Highlights included feeding the giraffes and tigers, tickling penguins, feeding meerkats (although the live mealworms and crickets were rather unpleasant) and having lemurs scampering all over me, plucking pieces of fruit from my very hands! Just incredible.

It was such an exciting, brilliant day, alas I didn't get to do any drawing, but did take over 100 photos, so plenty of inspiration there! You can see all the photos of the day on flickr
I've been working on quite a few new designs of late, have a couple of new stockists to do orders for and have applied for the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. Busy times!

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