Monday, 22 March 2010

Small Town Heroes

This weekend I took a trip back over to the North East to see family and friends. It's always nice to go home and to look back fondly at times gone past. But I'm also really, really happy to live in a city, where art, culture and energy are plentiful and appreciated!
Unfortunately I'm full of cold, so stayed in on Saturday night with a good book and some yummy ratatouille that my dad left in the fridge for me. On Sunday we drove over to Barnard Castle to visit Bowes Museum, which I hadn't been to in years. It has a new fashion and textile gallery which is almost complete and looks to be pretty impressive. They were letting visitors in for a sneak preview and they have an amazing collection. The silver swan which I remember from childhood visits is still in full effect!
There was a large collection of classic cars parked outside so I took some snaps - I have a new toy, the Hipstamatic app for iphone! I feel myself cringe as I type, but no matter, I like the colour and lighting effects so I'll post a couple of my little pics.

Work related news - the Bowery in Leeds have asked for some more baby tee shirts and I only delivered them the other week, so I'm really pleased! Better get on with some printing then eh?

Which do you prefer? Town or country? City or village? xx

p.s Spring! My gosh yes! xx


Lily Greenwood said...

I remember that swan from childhood too! We went through Barnard Castle every time we visited the grandparents.

Nell said...

It only goes once a day now, but they have a big holographic display showing it in action. Technological!