Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Just so busy, busy busy, busy scissors oh-oh

Hello! Thought it's about time for a real post, written with my real hands and mind.
First off, the workshop I did as part of Ministry of Craft went brilliantly, I was so impressed with the designs people came up with, you can read about it and see the results here. I'm going to be leading another day-long workshop in September, this time including monoprinting, lino cutting and screenprinting, so stay tuned for more info about booking.

I've been working hard on lots of new products, such as these alphabet print posters, which are for sale on my etsy and folksy sites.

I'm working on completing the alphabet set, so keep 'em peeled for more designs and colours coming soon. I'm really enjoying working with larger blocks of colour, working on paper gives me a bit more freedom to play with ideas, so I'm happy with that.

My most exciting news is that I've been selected to be workshop leader for the Design For Life project, working with Bolton Museum in conjunction with the Victoria and Albert Museum! I'm bursting with happiness about this, yesterday was so inspiring (and geeky) and I got to poke about behind the scenes at Bolton Museum, and chat to lovely Paul, the aquarium guy about mudskippers and the like! So, so good. I have loads of ideas for the project, I'll reveal more later...The workshops won't start until October, so I have plenty of time to prepare. I'm off down to London in a week to do a training day at the V&A, yippee!

That's probably enough for now, suffice to say I'm feeling very, very positive right now! <3 <3 <3


SallyF said...

that designs for life project looks fab, am chuffed to bits for you.

and I do love your alphabet stuff too.

you're on a roll hoopergirl!

Deb said...

three cheers for nell! superb news. dx.

d e b b i e said...

wow! i'm sure the whole alphabet will look grand!